Long Overdue Updates: Exciting News for Many Lab Members!

Patricka, Jordyn & Dr. King, Enoch, and Andrew & Dr. King.

Many of our lab members have had exciting news over the last year but I have not been keeping up with updating our lab news page. I could not be more proud of all of the amazing things they have accomplished, especially during a global pandemic. Some major highlights include:

  • Elizabeth Jones started in a PhD program at the University of Kansas Medical Center!

  • Ronel Ghidey graduated from MU and started in a Masters of Public Health program at Johns Hopkins University!

  • Mathanghi Ganesan graduated from MU and started in a PhD program in translational neuroscience at Phillips Universit├Ąt!

  • Andrew Jones graduated from MU and started as a medical student at the University of Kansas!

  • Jordyn Moaton graduated from MU and secured a position at Boone Hospital. She will be on her way to Medical School next year!

  • Dr. Patricka Williams-Simon successfully defended her PhD research on the genetic basis of learning, memory, and thermal tolerance. She secured a highly competitive NSF postdoctoral fellowship and has started a post-doc position with Paul Schmidt at the University of Pennsylvania!

  • Dr. Enoch Ng'oma has been hired as a tenure-track faculty member at the Univerisity of Missouri! He is setting up his own lab and will be working on aging in fish and fly systems.

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