Elizabeth (Libby) G. King

Assistant Professor
Division of Biological Sciences
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO, 65211, USA

email: kingeg@missouri.edu

2010 - 2013
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
    University of California, Irvine
    Advisor: Dr. Anthony Long
2004 - 2010
2000 - 2003

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Finger Lakes State Park, Columbia, MO

Postdoctoral Scholars

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Enoch Ng'oma

  • Experimental evolution of resource allocation strategies
  • Genetics of lifespan

Graduate Students

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Anna Perinchery

  • Genetics of lipid, carbohydrate, and protein storage
  • Patterns of phenotypic plasticity in response to diet

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Patricka Williams-Simon

  • Genetic basis of learning, memory, and thermal tolerance
  • Techniques for functional validation of QTL
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Zeke Elkins

  • Modeling life history evolution
  • Genetics of dispersal
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Mathangi Ganesan

  • Effects of diet on learning and memory
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Paul Petrowski

  • Data Science
  • Development of tools for analyzing genomic data